Bizzy Fire offers complete solutions for all of your fire safety needs. From businesses to households, we provide effective, customised, full-service fire safety solutions. We leave nothing to chance, affording you peace of mind.

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About us

Providing facilities with the complete, unique fire and life safety solutions via seamless integration, quality service and experienced professionals you can trust.

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Leading fire protection services in South Africa

Bizzy Fire provides fire protection and security services to residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and government customers across South Africa’s nine provinces and the SADC region.

We are a full-service fire protection company providing installation, maintenance, monitoring, and retrofits of fire safety systems. We design, supply, install and service firefighting equipment and systems such as fire extinguishers, hose reels, fire detection systems, fire suppression systems and fire sprinkler systems. We also offer security products and services, as well as firefighting and Occupational Health and Safety training.

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Our Products & Services

Fire Pumps and Tanks

Regular fire pump inspection and testing is required in order to make sure your fire sprinkler system will be able to protect your building in the event of a fire. At Bizzy Fire Control, our trained professionals have over 15 years of experience providing complete fire protection services, including fire pump.

Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses

This specialised Health and Safety Officer course is aimed at empowering participants with a holistic understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) act. A popular course for those wanting to start a new career in OHS and learn how to successfully implement health and safety within the workplace.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Service & Maintenance

Fire protection systems require regular servicing to effectively combat fires. Our experienced service teams will regularly test and audit your system, ensuring it meets all the required and necessary standards.

Fire Protection Inspections

Inspecting and testing your fire suppression system pinpoints any malfunctions, isolating them for correction. Many repairs are made on the spot while more extensive work requires a technician for a follow-up visit.

Basic & Advanced Staff Training

Whether you’re looking to achieve a basic awareness in fire safety, or create a career out of it, we offer training courses from basic to advanced, effectively equipping you with the knowledge needed to confidently deal with fires.

Security products & services

We extend our concern for safety beyond fire, offering security, access control, and CCTV solutions for your property’s unique requirements.

Fire Fighting Equipment

The right equipment saves lives. We offer high quality, state-of-the-art equipment for your firefighting needs, leaving no spark unextinguished.

Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

Find peace of mind knowing that if fire strikes, you have the right systems in place to deal with it effectively.

Why Bizzy Fire?


This is about keeping lives safe. Every job we take on is done with this front of mind, leaving nothing to chance. Years of experience and a deep understanding of fire safety systems, procedures and equipment ensure quality is always delivered.


Our team consists of highly experienced, qualified and dedicated engineers who work with you throughout all processes, ensuring the provision of optimum fire safety systems that meet your unique needs and expectations.

Competitive Price

The competitive price of our services, products and systems means we are able to stay ahead within the industry. Our main aim is to make residential, commercial and industrial buildings safer places, and all within the client’s budget.

Customer Support

Next to unconditional safety, customer service is our top priority. We’re dedicated to providing unbeatable fire and security solutions offering fast, customer-centric services. From our local service offerings to our national capabilities, we’re here for your specific fire protection, security and life safety needs, providing you with priceless peace of mind.

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